Campus and Facilities

A look at the main facilities in our school.

Campus and Facilities

Campus and Facilities

The Showa Tokyo campus covers some 70,000 square meters and includes a coeducational kindergarten and elementary school, a junior-senior high school, a university, and a graduate school. In addition to the classroom and administration buildings there is a library, a research center, a gymnasium with an indoor swimming pool, a playing field, Showa No Izumi and the Hitomi Memorial Hall, which seats some 2,400 people.

The junior-senior high school consists of two buildings, which serve a student body of approximately 1,400 and a faculty of about 100 teachers (2014).

There are thirty four 50 minute class periods each week. There is a 15 minute morning break each day and a 40 minute lunch period on weekdays. School begins with homeroom at 8:00 each day; classes begin at 8:20 and end at 2:30 on weekdays and 12:05 on Saturdays. Daily classes are followed by friendship group, a homeroom meeting and, on certain days club meetings, sports practice and other activities.

Showa Junior-Senior High School Statistics


Campus Area Tokyo Campus 70,000m2
Tomei Gakurin Off-campus Facility 115,507m2
Boshu Kaihin Off-campus Facility 20,748m2
Aizu Off-campus Facility 253,893m2
Off-campus Dormitory 8,019m2
Off-campus Faculty Housing 1,140m2


Kindergarten 1,143m2
Elementary School 6,559m2
Junior-Senior High School 10,427m2
University 29,642m2
Hitomi Memorial Hall 14,169m2
Gymnasium 1,257m2
Library 3,499m2
Research Center 4,763m2
Tomei Gakurin Off-campus Facility 5,069m2
Boshu Kaihin Off-campus Facility 6,795m2
Aizu Off-campus Facility 1,966m2
Administration Building 3,670m2
Dormitories 17,789m2
Off-campus Facility Housing 1,745m2
Open College 2,039m2

Building One(6,025m2

Average Size of Regular Classrooms 1,143m2
Special Facilities First Floor Nurse’s Office 25m2
Cooking Room 163m2
Second Floor Second Science Laboratory 188m2
Japanese Room 203m2
Third Floor Third Science Laboratory 188m2
Fourth Floor Art Room 163m2
First Sewing Room 131m2
Second Sewing Room 180m2
Fifth Floor Music Room 188m2
Assembly Hall 233m2

Building Two(4,402m2

Average Size of Regular Classrooms 72m2
Special Facilities Basement Gymnasium 771m2
First Floor Library 259m2
Second Floor Lecture Hall 122m2
Third Floor Seminar Rooms 242m2
Fourth Floor Assembly Hall 360m2

Number of Employees and Students

Faculty 125m2
Other Employees 9m2
Students 1,398m2
Junior High School 710m2
High School 688m2