Be a Light to the World

What will the world be like when you are adults and active members of society?

It will be a world where the transcendent flow of people, goods and knowledge has been even further accelerated. Japan will become a place where collaboration with people from various countries has become the norm and artificial intelligence and digital exchange have evolved even more. Along with such changes, a number of issues such as global warming and poverty challenge the sustainable development goals and it will become more urgent and therefore need the power of future generations to be successfully attained.

What kind of abilities do women in this era need? They need to be self-reliant with the ability to seek a variety of information, and be able to analyze, understand, organize, think, judge and act. With such abilities we can say they will have the power to identify issues and cooperate with different people to address such challenges.

The founding philosophy that was presented on the day of the opening of the Japan Women's High School by the scholar of the school, Hitomi Enkichi , is based on the idea that women can fully demonstrate their abilities and make their mark and “Be a light in the world”. By having an intellectual curiosity and taking the initiative in a variety of ways, and have the foundation for becoming a person who will continue learning all of their life. In order to grow into an independent woman, this spirit is the most important thing to possess in your school life at Showa Junior-Senior High School.

At Showa: the Showa Next curriculum, which focuses on a new society, has three courses each with its own unique characteristics. The curriculum for each course is structured so that students acquire not only basic academic skills but also thinking, judgment, expression, practical skills, and a sense of internationality, while having the its own depth in the course. These will be nurtured to lead to "independent, interactive, deep learning" utilizing information and communications technology utilizing artificial intelligence.

Respect for others through rich communication with people of various ages with various cultural backgrounds are developed through things like The Boston Mission at Showa Boston in the U.S.A, while studying at Showa’s American faculty, etc. All the while promoting the growth of women who are self-reliant and continue learning all their life.

A place to learn and act on the cultural diversity is also provided by the double degree program in Showa Women’s University. This program has started with Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Seoul Women's University, and the University of Pennsylvania Temple Japan (TUJ), and also the goshuu program for our sixth year students to study at university while attending high school.

Now is the ideal age for women's to excel. Let's work hard and grow with each other while respecting our friends who have different abilities and ways of thinking while expanding our own abilities. Take on that challenge and become intelligent and be wonderful women. I believe you can do it.