Encouraging students to think independently, speak their minds and be active learners across a broad range of learning opportunities.

Showa Women’s University Junior – Senior High School Curriculum


Syllabus open to students

At the beginning of each school year our faculty supplies students and parents with a syllabus for each subject to help students plan their study and review. The syllabus includes the following details: 1) Aim of the lesson; 2) Course content; 3) Learning targets and 4) Method of evaluation.

Recognizing progress through the Academic Improvement Prize

This prize is awarded to those students who show strong overall improvement in academic performance over the course of the school year. This award system demonstrates our commitment to recognize and support those students who make progress by their own effort and initiative.

Small class system

Our small class system allows English, mathematics and elective subjects to be taught in class sizes of around 20 students. !Reducing the class size enables teachers to provide individual attention to each student and meet their specific learning needs.

Moral education in high school

Showa Senior High School students participate in active learning projects which reflect our school principles and embody the Showa spirit. The students of each class aim to exercise a high degree of independence as they plan and manage projects that include discussion, debate and volunteer activities.

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