UNESCO Associated School

Practicing peace and international cooperation in order to reach out to schools around the world, with teachers and students helping young people to deal with global issues.

As a UNESCO Associated School

UNESCO Associated Schools practice peace and international cooperation in order to realize the ideals of UNESCO as set forth in the Constitution of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. Our school recently became a member of UNESCO Associated Schools joining more than 9,000 other member schools in 180 countries and regions around the world. Under the school motto Be a Light to the World, we aspire toward a higher level, proud that our school education practice – Showa Style, provides the opportunity to reinforce the school motto, which has been recognized internationally.

What we do as a UNESCO Associated School

Under the school motto, there are various curriculum approaches regarding ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) focusing on three categories as important points in order to nurture students who have the capacity to realize their ambitions and to contribute to the spirit of service and develop an interest in improving our society and the world at large.

The Three Categories for Education for Sustainable Development

Environmental Education

The curriculum content of each subject includes aspects of environmental education. All the students embrace the 3R (reduce, reuse and recycle) philosophy and an environmental beautification campaign through friendship group activities which promote the development and preservation of a sustainable global environment within a whole school learning approach.

Education for International Understanding

Education for International Understanding

The range of programs we provide has enriched the Education for International Understanding program.
The Boston Mission, is a three-year middle school global English educational program which includes a ten-day stay at Showa Boston and the upper school High School Research Trip For International Understanding for upper school students, and the regular exchanges with the students from the British School in Tokyo on our campus gives our students a broader international outlook. In March 2014, Showa was appointed an Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Ministry Global Super High School – a three-year program which embraces far ranging concepts to allow Japanese school to further reach out to the global community.

Education for Understanding Others

At our two off-campus training faciltiies in Boshu, Chiba and Oimatsuda, Kanagawa, students in each grade participate in five-day off-campus retreats in the school year, and during summer vacation in order to develop a rounder educational experience, including understanding others, by doing local volunteer activities as public service projects. Students improve their interaction skills with their peers by developing a spirit of respect for others through debates and discussions in regular moral education and life skills classes.